About the GRRC

Known universally as ‘The GRRC’, the club and its membership form the backbone of every motor sport activity on the estate. Exclusivity is guaranteed by a limit on membership numbers, but as the opportunity to join is open to anyone – there’s no charge to join the waiting list, and annual membership fees are kept deliberately low – GRRC gatherings are always convivial meetings of like-minded enthusiasts. In spite of Goodwood’s historic surroundings and heritage, it really is all about the cars!

Well not quite all. Now there is the Members’ Meeting too, a new spring event at the Motor Circuit which has been widely acclaimed as Goodwood’s greatest motorsport weekend yet. Featuring world-class cars and racing – not to mention a superb firework party – the Members’ Meeting is an event conceived solely for GRRC members and their guests. It also heralded the launch of the GRRC’s ‘School House’ points system, and with ‘House Captains’ like Anthony Reid, Jochen Mass, Emanuele Pirro and Nicholas Minassian, it’s no surprise that things are becoming competitive on and off the race track…

Other benefits include the members’ only enclosures at the Festival of Speed and Revival, special parking, exclusive access, and favourable rates on estate-wide events and facilities. Members can relax in their own clubhouse: the Kennels, a beautifully decorated Grade 1 listed Georgian building with a view from the terrace of Goodwood House itself.

Last, but by no means least, GRRC Members (and Waiting List Members) have exclusive access to the new forum here on Goodwood Road & Racing. So you can share your passion with like-minded friends and enthusiasts wherever you are in the world outside West Sussex!

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